How to obtain any version within this site without charge

After 28 years of developing and providing this software at a very affordable price, I am no longer charging for it. That's right, you don't have to pay anything for any of the versions, including the mobile ones. They are free. I am 83 now and have decided it's time to close up shop. But before I do, I want to give back something to the land surveying profession I have embraced for 54 years. The software herein could be useful for someone getting started in business, a student, a retiree or even a company to use as a backup. I was told by some that although they have the expensive but cumbersome programs, they still use QuickCogo to get the job done. So I invite you to take advantage of this offer by simply sending me an EMAIL with "free cogo software" as the subject. Tell me what you want and I will send the link(s). That's it. There will be no unsolicited follow up and I will not allow anyone else to have your email address. Please include your state or country for my records as I want to keep track of where the programs go. The versions are exactly what have been sold previously and each includes its own user manual. Please explore the site and see what you will be getting. Either download and use the evaluation versions first or use what I send to verify its suitability. Support will remain available until I walk away for good. No free lunch? Well, here IS one. Take advantage and enjoy!

You may disregard any mention of price or cost that I may have missed within the site.

Note: Sorry, but I don't answer calls from numbers I do not recognize and which have no name associated on caller ID but I listen to voice mails. Email is the surest way to contact me.

Pay it forward by doing good deeds for others

Thank you,

Jim Schuchert