Why Free and How to Get Any or all Versions

After 28 years of providing this software at an affordable price, it is now free. That's right, you don't have to pay anything for any or all of the versions. They are totally free. I am 83 now and have decided it's time to retire. But before I do, I want to give something back to the land surveying profession I have embraced for 54 years. The software herein could be useful for someone getting started in business, a student, a retiree or even a company to use as a backup. I was told by some that although they have the expensive but cumbersome programs, they still rely upon QuickCogo to get the job done. So I invite you to take advantage of this offer by going HERE and helping yourself to the downloads. These versions are exactly what were sold previously and each includes its own user manual. Please explore the site and see what you will be getting. No free lunch? Well, here IS one. Take advantage and enjoy!

Pay it forward by doing good for others

 Thank you,

 Jim Schuchert