Evaluation Versions

The evaluation versions restrict input for lengths, distances and coordinates to whole numbers only (no decimals) but that should not interfere with your ability to observe how the programs operate. Your actual entries determine the results of the calculations. Please contact me if you have questions that are not addressed within the evaluation or refer to the manual. .

QuickCogo Evaluation (PC Version)

Click THIS LINK to download the EVALUATION which also includes the 'doc' version of the manual but you may download the 'pdf' version Here  You may ignore and close the screen that asks you to create an account for dropbox by clicking. the X in the upper right corner. Upon completion of the evaluation download, you may install with a single click. It has no expiration and is fully interactive with the whole number values you enter. Its purpose is to acquaint you with how it works and have you evaluate its usefulness for you. NOTE: Windows Vista, 7 and above users must run the program as "Administrator" (first time only) by right clicking the yellow program icon and selecting that option.. If there is a problem with the first method of installation, please tryTHIS ONE   It is a zip file containing 3 files, one of which is "setup.exe".  Extract the files and place them in the same folder, then double click setup to install the program.
For downloading the evaluation, using either method, you may skip signing in to dropbox. Simply click "download" on the first page, then "continue to download" on the next page.
If there are issues with either method, please Contact Me with the nature of the difficulties


Learn about this version and download its evaluation by clicking HERE


Learn about this version and download its evaluation by clicking HERE.

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