Update/ Replacement Policy

Updates to and replacements for the program are free. Improvements are made periodically from user suggestions, customization for others and those initiated by myself. So long as QuickCogo is still installed on your computer, I can send the latest program file and it will work. If a new installation is required, I will need to verify you in my database and send a different file. There have been no significant changes for several years so the version you have is likely the same as in prior years. The executable file identified with a yellow icon cannot be used alone but must be started from a computer on which QuickCogo has been installed. There is no charge to update this file so long as you own the software.

Program on CD (no longer available}

If you originally obtained the software on a CD, the installation should still be valid but contact me if there is a problem. Although it installs properly, you may still need the latest program file version. If you no longer have the CD and I can verify you as a QC customer,I will send via email what is needed.

Mobile Software

Updates or replacements for the Android and iOS versions are also free. PalmCogo and MobileCogo have been discontinued but original versions will be kept available for a period of time. A fee may be charged for replacement.

Earlier Versions

No updates will be made for the DOS or earlier Windows versions. Please click CONTACT ME if you need another copy or want to upgrade.

Additional Licenses

Click THIS LINK to order one or more additional licenses by using that item on the product page. .

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