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The PC version (QuickCogo) and what it does

NOTE: Manuals for all products may be downloaded at the end of this page.

Many of the same routines described above and other features below are also contained in the Android and iOS versions

Other Features

Free Technical Support

While becoming familiar with the program there may be questions. If so, I encourage you to use one of the following methods to get answers.


If users will contact me through email, I can give detailed answers to questions and exchange files, if necessary. I monitor my messages frequently and respond promptly. Please include the name of the product in the subject line of your message (quickcogo, android, iOS)


I will spend whatever support time is necessary. 801-254-7181.


I have a fax number (208-361-9418) which allows me to receive faxes through email. If you need to send a sketch, or document, use this method. Please limit your fax to 3 pages or less. Avoid a cover page, if possible.

Whichever method you use, you will be pleased with the prompt and personal attention you receive
For details of how to receive an evaluation version for the PC, please Click Here .
Click HERE for information about cogo4android
Click HERE for information about cogo for phones, ipad, etc.


QuickCogo for MS Word Doc Format
QuickCogo for Adobe Acrobat PDF Format
Cogo4androd in doc format For Android version
Cogo4phone in doc format For iOS version

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