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This page is used to inform users of upgrades, fixes, useful information, etc. Please feel free to email me with requests that may be useful for all. Rather than individually contact each user of QuickCogo when upgrades, etc. are available, I will post a notice here and the user, if interested, may email me for the information OR contact me for a link to download the most recent executable file. Please check this page at regular intervals.

Go here for PalmCogo and MobileCogo update information

Upgrades (Each update includes all previous ones)

Update July 14, 2011 Cogo4android...Revised background to dark blue for all routines. Revised manual. Preferences in text boxes on Home screen
Update July 3, 2011
Cogo4android...Added "splash" screen for cogo4android, revised home screen, allowed user selected decimals
Update June 27, 2011
Added to plot routine cogo4android
Update June 3, 2011
Added "cogo4android", a version for android devices like smart phones and tablets. For a limited time this software is offered for $29.00. Go HERE for details.
Update March, 2010
Added MobileCogo (formerly PocketCogo but with a different development software)
Corrected angle-distance traverse for closing on point other than first one.
Corrected Triangle solutions for right triangles.
Updated manual
Added SimpleCogo to the list of products.
Update March, 2009
Program now permits negative elevations in radial, field traverse and stadia routines. Updated manual.
Update July, 2007
Updated file name and made a few cosmetic changes. No significant changes to routines.
Update January, 2007
Added option to use vertical angles with horizontal as 0� in Angle-Dist traverse and Radial routines. Added option to use 'feet per foot' for slope in vertical curve routine (% is the default). Revised manual. Discovered that there is a problem with listing more than 1000 points at a time. Solution: Break into ranges of 500-600 points.
Update December, 2006
Changed the 'Find by Descriptor' routine so that you can search on any single or combination of letters, numbers and symbols. A good work-a-round for alpha-numeric points. Added option to enter feet per foot vs % slope in vertical curve routine. Updated manual.
Update November, 2006
Revised bearing-distance and angle-distance plotting to accommodate the auto-size feature better. Corrected radial plotting. Updated manual.
Update June, 2006
Added a "line-line" intersection routine where 2 existing lines may be entered by point numbers. Added a provision to enter lines by point numbers in the "Angles" utility. Improved the "Edit" routine. Provided a means to enter the words "close" and "curve" without typing them in MapCheck routine. Updated manual.
Update March, 2006
Added ability to obtain stations along the curve in Curve Inverse. Corrected bug found in Radial routine. Updated manual, including new screen shots.
Update February, 2006
Added ability to use azimuths in LotPlot and allow saving the plot file in Interactive Plot. Revised manual.
Update January, 2006
Added ability to display and print 1st point and coordinates in Area and MapCheck routines. Corrected printing bug when going from Area to MapCheck.
Update September, 2005
Corrected a bug in "Triangle Solutions" routine plus a few minor cosmetic changes.
Update July, 2005
Added access to a free government program (Corpscon6) for converting latitude/longitude to and from state plane, UTM, etc. Program must first be downloaded or received on CD, installed and accessed through QuickCogo. Contact me for details.
Update June, 2005
Added a highway alignment routine and a latitude/longitude plot method plus finding the distance between 2 points defined by lat and long.
Update May, 2005
Changed the starting procedure so that immediately after beginning, you can open a file from the Windows file dialog. The previous file is no longer the default. This should permit the program to be opened from any folder on the computer. Under construction is a highway alignment routine.
Update March, 2005
Added the option for South azimuths. Added several options for bearing, azimuth and angle entries. Now can use decimal after degrees plus directional notations preceding the numbers, e.g. ne23.45 or n2345e.
Update February, 2005
Added a 2 option pre-determined area feature to the area routine.
Added radial offsets to a curve as part of perpendicular offset routine.
Update December 23, 2004
Added a legal description writer that uses the points in your file to assist in preparing a description.
Update November 15, 2004
Added a Public Land Survey System routine for subdividing a section into 40 or 10 acre parcels and for restoring a lost corner using the double proportion method based upon the 1973 Manual of Instructions. Also added a "Change Limits" check box to the Interactive Plot routine for better method of changing screen plotting limits. Updated the manual.
Update October 7, 2004
Added provision for a single point or random points in routines asking only for a "range" of points like Copy, Multiple Inverse, Stakeout, Offset, Delete, etc. Updated the manual which may be downloaded from update site.

Update September 22, 2004
Revised the Interactive Plot routine to optionally plot without selecting points on the screen. Corrected a bug in the bearing-distance plot with a curve left. Made cosmetic changes. Updated the manual.
Update August 22, 2004
Updated the "Triangle Solution" routine in QuickCogo and added it to the other 2 products (PalmCogo and PocketCogo). Added selective points option to the perpendicular offset routine. Revised "Export" routine by adding option of using a space as a delimiter.
Update July 14, 2004
Made changes to use of azimuths in Radial and Angle-Distance Traverse so that the actual azimuth can be entered directly. Updated the manual.
Update June 8, 2004
Fixed square meter and hectare display in Area routine. Added triangle solution routine (no documentation except in routine itself) and fixed Plot data window to use Enter key when point is not existing (Plotting).
Update May 9, 2004
Fixed the printing of a list of points with more than 3 decimals in the coordinates.
Update April 14, 2004
Fixed the Drawing option for DXF in Map Check. Updated the DXF routine.
Update April 2, 2004
Refined the "decimals of seconds" feature by permitting user selected decimal places. Reflected change in manual.
Update March 8, 2004
Added a "curve divide" routine similar to the curve layout routine. You may now compute points on a curve using equal parts, an arc length or a delta angle.
Update February 15, 2004
Added coordinate display to Map Check routine together with a few cosmetic changes to that routine. Made some changes to printing in all of the routines.
Update December 27, 2003
Added a GPS routine through which a traverse of local coordinates and latitude and longitude may be run. Designed for handheld GPS devices. This routine is also in PalmCogo and PocketCogo.
Update November, 2003
Revised the Vertical Curve routine to display high or low points with elevation. You may also download a QuickCogo Windows manual in html format for use in your browser or MS Word at the update site.
Update October, 2003
Corrected supplemental inverses (F11 & F12) when directions are East-West. Also corrected multiple inverse for same reason.
Update 9-25-03
Added a feature in the "Utilities" menu to allow running a bearing-distance traverse from anywhere in the program. Also revised several plotting routines with accompanying documentation in the manual.
Update 7-4-03
Added PocketCogo (cogo for Pocket PCs)
Update 4-18-03
Revised several of the plotting routines to automate plotting limits. Also added the ability to list only selected data.
Update 3-21-03
Corrected azimuth mode to permit entry of azimuths without 7 digits. Also combined manual with supplement to produce 1 document. Made it available in document (doc) and adobe acrobat (pdf) formats. See update page.
Update 3-1-03
Added ability to dxf line work with bearings and distances for use in cad programs.
Bug Fix
Corrected a bug found in the perpendicular bearing feature of mapcheck.
Update 4-8-02

Features use of tenths of seconds in several routines plus selection of number of decimal places. Fixes bug in "Point series"
Update 2-22-02

Refined opening of files, handling of extensions, added to import/export routines the ability to export or import from feet to meters and vice-versa, fixed bug in Input routine and using point numbers for bearing.
Update 1-10-02

Added a button bar similar to the one used in the original version. This one is under the top menus.
Update 11-10-01

Newer version of 32 bit program. Allows 100,000 points and 20 character descriptors plus other changes. Conversion routine included for users of prior versions, including existing 32 bit users. Evaluation and revised manual also available.
Update 6-13-01
Newer version of PalmCogo that doesn't require third party software.
Update 3-30-01
Screen and printer annotation now available for the lotplot routine. Also, additional curve data may be used for the lot closure/map check routine.
New 32 bit version now available (1-11-01)
This new version has a different interface although the routines are essentially the same. It allows long file names and network printing, along with other 32 bit advantages. If you would like to have this Free version, send me an email. I would appreciate your helping me resolve any bugs that may still be resident.
Update 10-11-00
A new update is available. I also created a version for use with 640x480 screen resolution for those who prefer that format. Some abbreviation of labels, reduction of screen sizes, etc. were necessary.
Bug Fix 9-22-00
A bug was discovered in the "Build and Run Data Entry Files" for the bearing-distance traverse on the Main screen and the Lot Closure routine. Now corrected. If interested, ask for an update. Soon to come is a "Make and Run Data Entry Files" for the Angle-distance traverse.
NEW 9-6-00 Includes everything marked (PRIOR).
The most recent version has further improved the plot routine so that users can interact with points displayed on the screen and even run an independent bearing-distance traverse. It also has individual help screens for most of the routines. F12 toggles them off/on. You can now design a heading for your printed pages. From the main screen, Alt-F-G will take you there. Increased the size of the main screen plus included ability to create files for bearing-distance traverses...more improvements coming. How about some ideas?
The latest version has a few on screen tutorials for new users. They are always available and may be toggled on and off at any time. They remain visible while the user does the work. I am thinking of using this method for each routine if the program's size is still manageable.Some feed back would help. The newer version does not require the renaming of a file to execute the program. It also contains a fix for the "Resection" routine and some cosmetic tweaking of others. I have made some cosmetic changes to the instruction manual which will make it much easier to print. Email me for an update.

Palm Pilot Version
I have written coordinate geometry code for the Palm III series which should also work with other Palm Pilot units. Go to the Palm Pilot link in this web site for the requirements.

Bug Fix
After all of this time, a new user found that entering distances by point numbers in the bearing-distance traverse routine on the main screen did not work. That has now been fixed. If you want to get the newest version send me an email with the words "Bug Fix" as the subject. I will email you back a new executable file to overwrite the one you have. I apologize if this bug has caused you any problems.

A user asked for a customization of the lot closure routine to be more compatible with a map check requirement he had. It is now editable and will produce a holding file for closures. This holding file could then be printed or opened in a word processor for tweaking and sending to a local or state agency. Send your request and I'll send you the newest executable. The one making the request must be in my database of users.

There is a new version which eliminates the "Data to Printer" requirement and permits simple printing of results. It also adds an edit feature to Field Traverse allowing the user to correct data entry errors without re-entering them. Users may now print entries as well as results for checking purposes. There is also tweaking of other routines. To obtain this new version, simply send me an email and I will send you the executable file. You must be in my database of users.

I am working to provide the ability to store your data entries in a text file for several routines and then call them back after editing for a fast display of new results if an error was made. Say you have run a 25 course bearing-distance traverse and discover you made an error in the second course. Instead of re-entering everything again, you can now just edit the error in the text file and rerun it with the click of your mouse. You (or a secretary) could even enter a traverse without having the program on the screen and then run it later.

I have added a small feature to the lotplot routine which makes it possible to easily identify the bearings and distances along the lines and then prints them out on the plot itself. If interested send me an email.

The latest upgrade has replaced the plotting routine accessed by selecting 'plot' from the button bar. The new routine allows the user to still place all of his points on the screen and see them but now permits inversing, looking at the coordinate, drawing and erasing lines, drawing curves, calculating an area, and independently traversing from any of the points. You no longer have to set plotting limits but may change them if necessary. The new upgrade also has added features to the lot closure routine. If you are a registered user, send an email and I will send the upgrade.

QuickCogo Manual Document format
QuickCogo Manual PDF format
PalmCogo Manual Document format
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